Product Synopsis
MEGASUITE is an integration of software with multilingual learning aids. It is, currently, one of the most popular and powerful for those academic enthusiasts, whose intentional interest is to learn foreign languages especially English with its dominant features.


  1. MagaDict:
    A digital dictionary of genius developed under the philosophy of "Simply is the best." It is very easy and convenient for usages in daily life with its function of "Translat@Point", which allows a user to get a definition of word at the mouse pointer in a pop-up menu. Its prototype has won the First Runner-Up Prize at Thai ICT Awards 2007 on the educational category, and the winner of the COMMART Innovation 2008. The prototype of the MegaDict was complete 2 years ago. We focus on the essentiality of learning a foreign language, especially English which has become the most academic language in Thailand. Thai learners, however, find it very difficult to learn big and new words. Generally, a learner spends too much time in searching for a word definition in a traditional dictionary analog or digital. So we develop the MegaSuite to help improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English. The prominent points of software are:

    MegaDict Professional 1.72

    • Translate@Point: This provides an easy search of word definition without operating the software.
      "No Open, no Click, no Type." Just place the mouse pointer onto a word, a pop-up window with word definitions and native pronunciation appears automatically.

    • Talking Dict: This more advanced technology provided by the Microsoft easily helps read aloud texts in a wide range of languages as clearly as its native speaker. Users can operate and adjust the speed of reading manually.
    • Smart Search: This helps in quick search of definitions stored in its corpus of more-than-200,000 words, including synonym and anonym.
    • Spelling Check & Word Suggestion: The feature helps correct wrong spellings and suggests the possibility of a target word.
    • User's Interface: This is simple, friendly and beautiful for ease of use.
    • Corpus: The corpus provides multilingual services of many languages, e.g. the official languages of the United Nations and the world's gigantic academic and trading languages such as German, Japanese, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bahasa, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, etc.
    • User's Dictionary: This feature helps a user create his/her own dictionary and provides a limitless addition of words. As easy as pie.

  2. MegaDialogue:
    The software provides a wide range of dynamic dialogues. A user is able to create any kind of dialogues easily and conveniently and save them for later usages and references. This is one of the most powerful and advanced tools for teachers, instructors to improve students' speaking skill. The prominent points of software

    • Maximum four persons in a dialogues
    • Limitless length and number of dialogues
    • Minimum 10 male and female voices selection
    • Manual speed adjustment of dialogues
    • Attribution of text colors of dialogues selection
    • Karaoke-like function of reading
    • Narration of native speakers
    • Creation, storage and retrieval of dialogues

  3. MegaSpeaker:
    A reading tool of text currently displayed on the computer screen for a practice of listening skill. The prominent points of this feature:

    • Reading aloud current texts on the computer screen
    • Creation, storage and retrieval of documents with RTF (Rich Text Format). The feature provides a karaoke-like function for reading aloud.
    • Verification format of display for RTF
    • Types of reading voice selection
    • Speed of reading voice control
    • Export of audio files with wav or mp3 formats for other play-back equipments

  4. MegaPractice:
    This feature provides learning exercises and tests of comprehension, awareness and memory to improve the reading skill. Its prominent point:

    • Creation, storage and retrieval of exercises and tests with key guides
    • Respond of answers with grade points
    • Import and export of exercises and tests for personal interest


The one and only dictionary software currently in the market that enables its users to recognize the meaning or the connotation of a word(s) with the help of a simple placement of the mouse pointer onto any English source word that needs translating into Thai. As a result, a user can immediately access meanings of related or similar words, as well as their parts of speech and proper grammar usages with correct spellings and correct pronunciation. On the other hand, the user can get the translation from Thai into English by means of dragging the mouse (highlighting) on a Thai specific word and do a right click and "copy" for its English definition.

Another quality of authentic uniqueness is its versatility and compatibility with various formats of files: be it Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad or even websites via the Internets. Besides, the MegaDict is the world's first of its kind to be compatible with the PDF-based file format.

Academic articles are also available in the MegaPractice mode, providing sections of complete English grammar, Exercises, Letters, Thai Section and Miscellaneous.

The english article in MegaPractice

It is simply for users to operate in the MegaSpeaker mode and have it command the MegaSuite read aloud such the selected text in a single word, sentences, phrases, paragraphs or even the whole complete text with correct and acceptable pronunciation in whatsoever languages selected but available in its corpus. Nevertheless, in the "MegaSpeaker" mode, users are able to adjust both the speed and volume of voice to suit their requirements. Besides, this function is very useful for teachers to teach students, and to help them absorb correct pronunciation as those of native speakers do. Another value the "MegaSuite" can contribute to families of all especially young generations is the situation where parents may not be well versed with the help of its spelling features of all languages provided. In this regards, "IT" can be a true story teller, in which a parent just simply types or copies and pastes the whole text of a story while operating in "MegaSpeaker" mode and let the "MegaSuite" perform its duty, narrating the whole story with correct pronunciation and intonation.


We are to recommend that every computer require the smart digital dictionary "MegaSuite". Its technology and innovation, provided for revolution of language learning, turns every home computer into a talking dictionary. With its help, a user enjoys a greater chance of language learning by himself/herself in demanding like attending in a classroom with a native teacher of required languages.

One of major universal and dynamic life long teaching tools for those who are studying a foreign language starts from a primary level up to post a graduated one, further to an extension of their professional career. Users can explore a new world with this versatile and powerful tool, with which everyone enjoys learning from the enormous knowledge on-line base; e.g. Google and Wikipedia. The MegaSuite is helpful and powerful for such the aspect. The "MegaSuite" provides an e-dictionary plus a multilingual e-learning kit of at least the languages of the United Nations, including gigantic languages as German, Japanese, and Sanskrit, or Thai and its neighbors' as Vietnamese, Bahasa, Lao, etc. And its expectation is to reach all of the languages in the world.

With the philosophy of "Learning for All", as well as a full support from various agencies, in the very near future, the process of learning foreign languages will be accessible for all beyond any obstruction say it without discrimination whether being of race, religion, social status, birthplace, etc. With an influx of globalization, the world will become an inevitably multilingual society by any means. The MegaSuite is more than an educational tool since it is an e-learning kit that helps open universal studies create and establish the whole global society of knowledge, especially its home country and neighbors under the philosopher of sufficiency economy. The MegaSuite is an endeavor of ours with pride that we are able to play such an important role of this mechanism.

MegaDict : Strengthen your words, Strengthen your world.
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